Four friends with a passion

Our bourbon’s story is right out of the late 18th century. Borne from the highest hilltops and lowest hollers in Georgetown, Kentucky, four old friends with a passion for the way a great bourbon hits their palate handcrafted David James Bourbon and Whiskey.

We take great pride in sourcing only the very best grains, water and wild yeast for our bourbons and whiskey, to ensure every single barrel and small-batch expression is of the highest quality and unique flavor that you won’t experience anywhere else.

And the judges seem to agree. David James has been awarded both a Double Gold Medal, a Best Corn Whiskey Gold Medal for our American Straight Whiskey, and a Silver medal for our Straight American Bourbon at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

At David James, our purpose has always been to unite friends, family, and community by a common bond through our uncommon spirits.

Sit. Sip. Relax.

Meet the team behind the barrels

Richard "Doug" Linger

A 34-year-long resident of Georgetown, KY, Doug knows a thing or two about the many uses of great bourbon. He’s a pharmacist by trade and pharmacies were the only place you could legally purchase bourbon during prohibition. Doug started Old George Town Spirits in 2017 inspired by his desire to enjoy the best bourbon with great friend.

Phillip A. Johnson

Born and raised in the birthplace of Bourbon, Phillip has a long history of personal friendship and professional success with the members of Old George Town Spirits. Another pharmacist by trade, Phillip’s pursuit of the finest bourbon is driven by his appreciation for good friendships and great tasting whiskeys.

Mike "Gee" Gee

A man who’s lived his life building, Gee is a long-time construction expert whose roots run throughout Kentucky. Enjoying the fruits of his labor now, Gee pairs his time with good friends and great sips of bourbon with lake trips and golf outings in the hilltops of Kentucky.

James R. "Bo" Kelly

A Georgetown, KY native, Bo is a tobacco dipping good ol’ boy who’ll give you the shirt off his back and is always ready for a great glass of bourbon with good friends. Bo’s known Doug, Gee and Phillip for more decades than most any bourbon is aged, and is the man who brought Old George Town Spirits’ partners together.

Royce Neeley

An 11th generation moonshiner, bourbon practically runs through Royce’s blood. Similar to his other OGTS friends, Royce’s entrepreneurial spirit shined through at an early age when he sold homemade moonshine at parties throughout his college career.