What’s aging right now

All great things come with time and that’s never been truer than with David James bourbon and whiskey. As curious tinkerers, we never stop crafting unique expressions and forming distinctive flavors. The expressions that are currently aging will be like no other spirit in the hills of Kentucky, or anywhere in the world for that matter.


The process for crafting our newest aging expressions is what we call “Purity focused”, which means we used only locally sourced Kentucky grains, fresh Kentucky limestone water and a wild yeast strand that comes from the same Royal Spring that Rev. Elijah Craig likely used back in 1789 when making his first bourbon in Georgetown, Kentucky.


Inspired by moonshiners of decades past, we used the hammermilling process. This process produces less heat than a roller mill, which helps to maintain the natural flavors of the grain. The grains were then converted into a sweet mash and fermented in Cypress wood vats. There are natural bacteria and yeast that we want in our mash, which in the winter goes dormant. However, it will live in our Cypress wood allowing us to maintain flavor and consistency all winter long. Cypress is a natural organic substance, so unlike plastic or stainless the yeast react well to it which keeps them less stressed, helping to prevent them from producing unwanted flavors.


We then double pot distill the mash with a thumper attached on the second run. The thumper is another old moonshiner device that increases purity without removing any flavor, leaving behind only the sweet juice. After the double pot distillation process, the sweet juice was then placed into our freshly charred Kentucky-made barrels.


The newly filled barrels were sent to be aged in Sparta, Kentucky at Neeley Family Distillery. Neeley’s rick house is located high on a hilltop which allows for more temperature variations during the ever-changing seasons of Kentucky, offering unique tastes and flavors to our whiskey and bourbon.


Once aged, our bourbon will go through the lightest filtration process possible, allowing our spirits to retain all its flavor. Do not be surprised if you find small amounts of char remaining in each of our bottles.


The newly aging spirits we have crafted are truly unique and won’t be ready for another 3 years. However, even then it will solely depend on the right flavor expressions that we are looking for – flavors that nobody in the industry can produce. But rest assured, our newest spirits will be ones that you will cherish and would be proud to share with your closest friends and family!